Rotor Double Station Finishing Machine
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Rotor Double Station Finishing Machine

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you SHUAIRUI® Rotor Double Station Finishing Machine. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

SHUAIRUI® Rotor Double Station Finishing Machine

Equipment introduction:

1.This machine is used for the finishing process of rotors.

2.Rough turning and fine turning are carried out in two stations, and the two turning directions are opposite to achieve high efficiency and low burr effect.

3.The first station is rough turning, and the second station is fine turning.

4.Effectively ensure the turning quality (such as the surface roughness of the knife pattern, etc.).

5.The V-frame is equipped with a refueling and lubrication system, the number of which can be set, automatic refueling on a regular basis, and control of the amount of refueling.

6.The working efficiency is ≤10S, and each rough turning and finishing turning is 1 knife.

7.Single feed amount:

8.Rough turning: flat knife ≤ 0.07mm (one side).

9.Fine turning: flat knife ≤ 0.03mm (one side).

10.The chip suction effect is good, and the chip suction rate can reach 90% when the machine is equipped with a turning tool.

11.Loading, clamping, turning, blanking, and burr brushing are fully automatic.

12.Cast iron table top, diamond V-shaped frame, full servo drive high-precision moving parts.

13.Turning accuracy: Roundness: ≦0.003mm.

14.Inter-chip runout: ≤0.003mm.

15.Surface roughness: ≦Ra0.4- Ra1.3 (different process requirements can be adjusted).

16.High turning precision and stable turning quality.

17.Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa.

Applicable fields: rotors of electric tools, rotors of garden tools, rotors of vacuum cleaner motors, rotors of small household appliances, rotors of water pumps, rotors of automobile condenser fans, rotors of blower motors, rotors of push rod motors, rotors of electric forklift motors, rotors of glass lift motors, rotors of motors of automobile oil pumps , car window motor rotor, printer motor rotor, sewing machine motor rotor and other fields.

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