Rotor Wrapping Machine
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Rotor Wrapping Machine

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Product Description

SHUAIRUI® Rotor Wrapping Machine

Equipment introduction:

1.This machine is used for the rotor wrapping process.

2.The wrapping process is suitable for products with thick wire diameter and narrow groove and high groove full rate.

3.It can effectively avoid damage to the enameled wire and achieve a certain insulation effect.

4.This machine fully automatic conveying frame and loading and unloading.

5.The paper is fed by motor.

6.Motor indexing to ensure accuracy.

7.Fully automatic completion of rotor reclaiming, wrapping, and unloading equipment is fast and convenient.

8.Vigorously reduce labor costs, improve product quality, and improve work efficiency.

9.Rotor outer diameter: 30-60mm (special can be customized).

10.Stack thickness: 20-60mm (special can be customized).

11.Paper thickness: 0.13-0.188mm (special can be customized).

12.Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa.

13.Application areas: electric tool rotors, garden tool rotors and other fields.

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