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Our History

•2012 - The company was established. In September, it prepared to establish a professional automation company for motor manufacturing equipment in Suzhou.

•2013 - The annual sales volume is about 10 million yuan, serving 120 customers. In the same year, a professional quality control department was established to control the processing accuracy of all raw materials and the assembly accuracy during production and assembly.

•2014 - The first automatic line of the brush rotor and the first automatic line of the brush stator have been delivered.

•2015 - The annual sales volume is about 27 million, and the number of service customers reaches 300.

•2016 - The first automatic line of brushless rotor and the first automatic line of brushless stator have been delivered.

•2017 - The first automatic motor assembly line is delivered.

•2018 - In August, we expanded the scale of production and research and development again, and the area was expanded to about 2000 square meters. The annual sales volume was about 45 million, and the service customers reached 300.

•2019 - Developed the world's fastest rotor high-speed winding machine and high-speed winding spot welding machine, and produced the world's fastest rotor efficient production line, also became the first in China to develop the rotor high slot full rate winding machine and successfully delivered to customers, successfully applied for patents.

•2020 - Developed a global intelligent rotor production line, docking with MES system to achieve intelligent management of the production line, also become the world's first intelligent motor production line leader and successfully delivered to customers put into use, annual sales of about 65 million, service customers reached 570.

•2021 - In May, the new plant was completed and moved in completely, with an area of about 3000 square meters.

•October 2022 - The R&D center was established and officially operated.

Our service

The uniqueness of working with Shuai Rui

Collaborative process: At Shuai, motor automation is constantly being redefined and researched to provide the best tailored solutions to our customers. Shuai's clients will be put in direct contact with an experienced automation project leader and get all the answers to their questions through him. Motor automatic assembly line, brush motor rotor and stator automatic production line, brushless motor rotor and stator automatic production line and dozens of stand-alone equipment.

High safety standards, high security level: Shuairui tailors the project safety standards according to the requirements of customers. We know that confidentiality is critical and protect the confidentiality of the project, and the dedicated team set up to complete the project works with encryption/coding software, which ensures the confidentiality of the client's project.

Common path to success: Our global footprint helps coordinate multi-site, nationally organized projects. Since 2012, all Shuai projects are managed and implemented in a continuously updated real-time database, which provides our project managers with accurate information and enables them to make informed decisions in real time.

What makes Shuai unique: Shuai respects customers, employees and the environment. Shuairui's machines and equipment are designed and manufactured based on this principle, not to achieve quick profits with as little effort as possible, but to build long-term customer relationships characterized by mutual trust, mutual respect and sustainable development. Shuairui's machines are unique, they are customized to the customer's requirements, so there are many differences in details, but from a technical point of view, All of Shuai follow the following mechanical engineering principles.

Flexibility: Our automatic lines, machines and systems are highly flexible to achieve maximum productivity.

Precision: Designed, manufactured and built using the most advanced technology, Shuairui's systems are characterized by high precision -- the products produced consistently meet or exceed the customer's accuracy requirements for a particular product. Electromechanical design, manufacture, assembly, programming and commissioning are always focused on achieving established objectives.