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Product Application

Automobile: generator, ABS, fuel pump, ISG, wiper, electric Windows, blower, electric seat, blower, condenser cooling fan, ESC, starting motor, water pump, vacuum pump, air blower, idle motor, throttle, air conditioning compressor, condenser fan, self-hanging motor, anti-skid brake, folding mirror motor, hub motor, etc.

Household appliancesair conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, fan, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, juicer, shredder, electric razor, hair dryer, wall breaker, soybean milk machine, water pump, electric vehicle and so on.

Electric toolspickaxe, electric hammer, cutting machine, Angle grinder, hand drill, marble machine, slotting machine, rhinestone, light hammer, polishing machine, electric chain saw, pruning machine, pine machine, lawnmower, cleaning machine, etc.

Smart hometreadmill, sofa, curtains, seats, scooter, lifting table, electric vehicle, water purifier, air conditioning, refrigerator, open door motor and so on.

MedicalMRI, wheelchair, etc.

Industry: robots, servomotors, stepper motors, all kinds of pumps, machine tools, generators, forklifts, construction machinery, etc.

Office automation appliances printer, copier, fax machine, HDD, DVD, CD, etc.

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