Brushed Rotor Production Line
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Brushed Rotor Production Line

Find a huge selection of Brushed Rotor Production Line from China at SHUAIRUI® Provide professional after-sales service and the right price, looking forward to cooperation.

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Product Description

SHUAIRUI® Brushed Rotor Production Line

Production line introduction:

1.The motor rotor production line has a high degree of automation, fast equipment operation, high stability, and supports intelligent production.

2.The staffing is 0 people, takt 7 seconds/1 piece, finished rotor.

3.Equipment composition: three-in-one press machine, insulating paper feeding machine, high-speed double-flying fork winding spot welding machine, groove feeding machine, comprehensive testing machine, paint dripping machine, cooling machine, double-station finishing machine, deweighting balance Machine, press washer machine, press bearing machine, press gear machine, blanking machine.

4.High degree of automation, less staffing, high equipment stability, to meet mass production.

5.Intelligent production, the whole line MES system, real-time grasp of the production situation.

6.The pass rate of the whole line: 99.5%.

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