Suzhou Shuai Rui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration


1. Shuai Automation celebrates its 10th birthday in October 2022.

2, and held an anniversary celebration on October 29.

3. Ten years of development experience since its establishment in 2012, Shuai has grown from a few employees to nearly 70 employees, and from a small company to a highly competitive enterprise in the industry. Shuai has stepped into the track of rapid development.

4. The 10th anniversary celebration of Shuai Automation specially invites the family members of employees to participate in the activity.

5. Founder of Shuai Rui: Liao Jianqiang (General Manager) delivered a speech on stage: narrated the development process of Shuai Rui since its establishment and the development path of Shuai Rui in the future.

6. Shuai presented the "Best Contribution Award" to the senior employees who have been with him for 10 years since the founding, and the employees also made speeches.

7. The development of Shuairui cannot be separated from the cooperation and support of our outstanding partners. Shuairui also awarded the "Outstanding Partner Award".

8. There are also wonderful programs during the celebration.
①, the Chinese dance "Ten Thousand Frontiers" brought by the children.

,Card magic shows make people doubt life.

③, the male version with some humor, with some enchanting "Cygnet" dance, popular, let everyone laugh, drove the atmosphere.

④, lottery activities, prizes are full of beautiful things, everyone is full of expectations.

⑤. All the directors of Shuai Rui sang "Tomorrow will Be Better" to bring good wishes to everyone.