Solution of automobile seat angle adjustment motor


1. With the increasing degree of automobile intellectualization/electrification, various scenario-based designs cannot be separated from intelligent adjustment of seats, and one of the most important hardware for intelligent adjustment of seats is the adjustment motor.

2. The common motors for backrest angle adjustment are the primary and secondary reduction motors. The biggest difference between the two types of motors is that the output torque is different. The torque of the secondary reduction motor is generally greater than that of the primary reduction motor.

3. The process part diagram of the angle adjustment motor is shown below.

4. The angle adjusting motor assembly is composed of 6 parts.

① Rotor parts=press mounting+wire winding+spot welding+test

② Housing part=housing+magnetic tile+bearing+Torx fork

③ End cover component=bearing+carbon brush+protector+varistor

④ Worm parts

⑤ Motor assembly=rotor+housing+end cover+worm

⑥ Gearbox assembly=output gear+double gear+bearing+screw

⑦ Angle adjusting motor assembly=motor assembly+gearbox assembly

5. Introduction to production line

① Fully automated production, non-standard and customizable

② More than 400 PCS per hour

③ The production line is customized according to the customer's process, and materials are automatically transferred between processes

④ Important components are equipped with detection function

⑤ The staffing is 6 people.
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