This paper introduces an automatic production line for manufacturing automotive EPS brushless motor.


1. The EPS motor production line has a high degree of automation, high equipment running speed, high stability, and supports intelligent production.

Production line characteristics

1. The whole line is equipped with 3 people, beat 20 seconds /1 piece, finished motor.

2. Equipment composition: rotor production line, segmented stator production line, motor assembly line.
3. Grasp the on-site production situation and equipment operation status in real time, so as to make overall production plans.

4, intelligent, unmanned production and processing, support intelligent storage system to achieve efficient operation.

Production line advantage

1. High degree of automation, less personnel allocation, high equipment stability, to meet mass production.

2, intelligent production, the whole line MES system, real-time grasp the production situation.
3, the equipment parts processing precision is high, the whole line defect rate is low, the whole line qualified rate ≥99.5%.
4, compact and reasonable structure, small footprint.
5, high stability of equipment, to meet mass production.

6, high degree of modular equipment, fast change speed.

Product specification

1. The number of machines is 26.

2. Staffing 3 people.
3. Beat time 20S/PCS.
4. Utilization rate: 85%.
5, qualified rate: 99.5%.
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