Brush rotor high-speed automatic production line


● Suzhou Shuai Rui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing unmanned production equipment for motor manufacturers. Its products include: motor production line, rotor, stator, casing and other series of part of the automatic line. Products are widely used in automotive parts, home appliances, office supplies, power tools, medical and electric toys and other fields.

● Automatic double flyfork rotor production line is a new automatic production equipment for micro motor rotor. Compared with traditional production equipment, it has a high degree of intelligence and flexibility. Combined with mature double flyfork winding technology, the motor production has been improved to a higher level in terms of efficiency and technology.
● The running performance of the whole line requires smooth mechanical transmission, no blocking phenomenon, flexible and reliable operation buttons, sensitive and normal circuit control action.
● The main operation platform shall be able to display, monitor and query the whole production system in a centralized manner, read and write the process status of the product by manual input instructions, and change the process of the processed product.
● has automatic sorting function (according to user requirements).
● Workpiece conveying device conveying speed should be adjustable (according to user requirements).

● production line defect rate: ≤ 5‰.
● There should be no abnormal noise during operation, no load noise should be ≤75dB (A), working noise should be ≤85dB (A).
● conveyor line can realize the "back" shape, "L" shape, "-" shape and other plane structure arrangement.
● The production steps completed by the production line:

  • into the shaft, into the insulation end plate, into the commutator

  • into the insulation paper

  • high-speed winding welding

  • Insert insulation sheet

  • Performance test

  • laser engraving

  • commutator fine car

  • commutator CCD visual detection

  • Remove rebalancing

  • Performance test

  • bearing pressure assembly

  • Loading and packing

  • Pallet transfer

● Each process of the production line can automatically read and write and identify the processing state of the workpiece.
● has sound and light alarm system.
●  When the equipment is running, the protective door is closed to isolate the moving part from the human body.
Production line applicable to the field: Automobile wiper motor, automobile sunroof motor, automobile ABS motor, automobile oil pump motor, automobile EPS motor, automobile blower motor, automobile condensation (evaporation) motor, automobile seat motor, automobile fuel pump motor, automobile glass lifting motor, vacuum cleaner motor, household appliance motor, electric tool motor, massage chair motor, push rod motor, pump motor.

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